Questions and Answers

What does my Pr Likes section show?

This is where you see the likes you received through PayPrLike.You can see the date when you payments were made, blog URL’s the blog reader liked, used payment method and the amount paid.

Will my followers be able to follow and read my blog through an account on PayPrLike?

Yes, absolutely. When a reader creates an account, he/she is able to not only follow you, but also pay you and share you blog posts.

What if my blog’s platform is other than Wordpress or Tumblr?

That is no problem! Our application works perfectly with any type of website.

How can I change the picture on my profile?

Just head to Settings- My picture- Upload- Choose File- Select a picture from our device and click Save.

Is PayPrLike available on both Ios and Android operating systems?

PayPrLike is perfectly functionable on all mobile operating systems.