About Us

CryptoZPay is a micropayment tool that bloggers may want to use in order to receive a fee from the readers or viewers who may freely and anonymously decide to pay any entry that he or she might have liked. That entry could be of any type of content, from articles to animation, and on any type of platform.

Everything creative could gain a follower base and be rewarded accordingly.

Don’t worry; no one is forced to pay to read articles and blogs, just as no one is forced to give money to street musicians, if you have seen our video on the first page. But every once in a while you are touched by a song in the subway, right?, and so you toss a few coins in the musician’s hat, feeling good to support talent. CryptoZPay software is the same, allowing you to toss a few coins to a blogger if you are touched by what is written or created.

As for bloggers, they could obviously monetize their creative pieces if they would have a “hat” –  an easy system to get rewarded for the job done.  It is also a way for bloggers to sail the unchartered yet waters of adding value to their multiple talents.

 Why some other similar products didn’t get off the ground? Well, two words: expensive and complicated. CryptoZPay, on the other hand, requires just one click and no personal data which no one should give away easily.